May Attassi

May considers her career in art as coincidental. She has always appreciated beauty in all its forms. She hopes to reach the souls of viewers and “raise their spirits” when looking at her art.  Born in Homs, May was educated at a Catholic school in which students of many faiths, including Druze, Alawite and Muslims were enrolled. She comes from an intellectual family; her father ran a newspaper and, on her mother’s side, her grandfather was a distinguished Prime Minister, under the Ottoman Turks. May had always dreamt of living outside of Syria, and with the uprising, however bloody and cruel, the door opened for her. During the ongoing turmoil May’s life changed dramatically as she experiences freedom living in the United States. There is something immediate and emotionally charged about May's paintings. Acrylic on canvas is her favored medium. A substantial body of her artwork is now garnering interest among first-time as well as established collectors.